I left my home away,I leave my home again.
I choose to forget the memories I had.
Taking my firt step, shaking my head.
Walking alone is my favorite game.
Here I am,
so far away.
Can someone point me out from the map?

I throw your words away, I throw it again.
I make my own as a empty can.
Losing all bags. chasing the charming men.
The spell make this world starts to bent.
Testin' my strength,
he said,
"You shouldn't have gone that far..."

Blind again, blind a day.
without my glasses,
no matter how hard you play,
I can't focus anyway.
Blind again, blind at the second day.
Without my glasses,
Look straight like I do care.
More vague views more true facts.

I left my glesses home for the sake.
Don't you block my gate.

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